In this study, the views of parents in Alevi-Sunni intra-marriages on the phenomenon of religion and their children’s religious education are examined. Despite the increase in the number of studies on the place and importance of religion in Alevi-Sunni families, which are considered mixed or cross marriages in the literature, it cannot be said that research on attitudes towards their children’s religious education is at a sufficient level. Based on this, the aim of this study is to contribute to the existing literature and to present a cross-section of the field. Ten families living in Sivas, Ankara and Tunceli, who were contacted through snowball and purposive sampling, participated in the study, in which qualitative research techniques were used. The data used in the study were collected through questionnaires and semi-structured interview forms. The data was analzed with the content analysis. It was determined that the Alevi-Sunni difference did not have a significant impact on the participants’ religious attitudes or their children’s religious education. Almost all parents stated that they wanted their children to choose their own path by acquiring experience and knowledge about both religious interpretations/understandings.9786256587274 Fatma KURTTEKİN fatma kurtteki̇n

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